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Dear Practitioners
Daniel Weber is conducting an online survey regarding Chinese Medical Language and its use in the West .

We would appreciate if you could take a few minutes out to fill in the below questionnaire. You answers will further assist us in our endeavour to bring you the latest and most relevant research in the field of Traditional Medicine / Complimentary Alternative Medicine (TM-CAM).

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Q1 Do you use adjunctive compounds in cancer treatment?

Q2 Do you use these compounds to:

- Deal with side effects of chemo or radiotherapy?



- Deal with stages of cancer; ie cell cycle, angiogenesis, metastasis. etc?


Q3 Do you use Chinese herbs?

- If not, are you interested in using them?

- if so, are you trained in TCM?

- If so, do you feel completely confident in TCM nomenclature?

Q4 Does the language of TCM make sense in regard to cancer protocols?

Q5 Are you confident in prescribing?

- If not, is the language of TCM, pattern discrimination, organ systems and diagnosis a barrier or a benefit to accurate prescribing?

- If so, are you confident in the matching of the nomenclature to the clinical presentation of the patient?


Q6 Would you like an integrated Western/ Chinese approach to cancer protocols?
Q7 Are you Chinese language literate?