Dr Daniel Weber
Daniel Weber, PhD M.Sc.




Dui Yao: the Art of Formula Construction

A modular system of standard and exotic dui yao and classical formulas
Author: Daniel Weber, PhD, M.Sc.
Editors: Wang Jing, Shanghai TCM University
Publisher: Panaxea Publishing
First Published: February 2009
Pages: 249 plus online resource
ISBN: 978-0-646-50686-9
A unique approach to creating variations on classic herbal formulas. This simple yet elegant system allows practitioners to create exacting prescriptions for their patients and more precisely treat the individual patient’s needs.
The presenting problems of the modern clinic differ considerably from the theoretical training most practitioners received in their schooling. Many practitioners may find themselves limited in their ability to address these conflicting patterns. Chronic conditions and the half-treated or half-resolved conditions require a truly innovative approach to treatment.
A modular System has a complete bio-medical index, which is cross-referenced to TCM pattern discrimination. Each formula gives both Western and Chinese indications for use, discuses formula differentiation and gives Dui Yao variations. This volume is designed for daily use in a busy Health Professional’s Practice and dramatically shortens the time required to construct complex formulas. It allows fast and accurate prescribing with a high degree of confidence.
Included with the book is access to a fully searchable online version of the book,, with comprehensive background research on formulas, dui yao, and herbs for cancer treatment.