Patient Services



General Information:

1. For Cancer patients: Consultations can be held in person at the Sydney Clinic, by phone or by Skype. Patients with phone or skype appointments need to call in at the agreed time. The office will provide the phone number or the skype address to use.

2. Two days prior to appointment Cancer patients need to email/ fax or mail  the office with
* test results
• list of protocol of substances and/or medicines
• a short history

3. Patients  may be asked for further tests to be done.

4. You may be given research to read or to hand to your oncologist

5. A treatment protocol will be designed and may consist
of capsules, herbal concentrates to drink, powdered isolates and/or other evidence based treatments. Each patient will have a highly personalized treatment protocol designed alongside the medical treatments, testresults and the patients general presentation.